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Benefits of Printing Fleet Management Software and Printer Fleet Control

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Benefits of Printing Fleet Management Software and Printer Fleet Control

When you start to manage your printing fleet with PFM Cloud and PFM Connect, you would start to get detailed reports in a short time. These reports continuously inform you in summary and detail about what is going on in your printer fleet. 

Main headings in printer fleet monitoring are as follows:

  • Online/off-line status of printers in your fleet
  • IP address and locations of printers in your fleet
  • The technical data of unoriginal toners (equivalent, refill toner) is used or not in your printer fleet
  • Conditions, where consumables used earlier, are used in your printer fleet by renewal although they are not original 
  • Early replaced toners, unnecessary use of new toners while the toner hasn’t finished yet (such as taking an 80% full toner out and inserting a new toner or using toners which are not 100% full in first use)
  • Inconsistencies, errors and external interventions in printer counters (such as inconsistent decline or raise of device counter)
  • Conditions such as replacement or deletion of original information of printer by external interventions (such as making the printer look like faster than it is, identifying the devices whose serial numbers and mac addresses have been changed or copied, listing the devices whose mainboards have been replaced)

They are continuously controlled by being reported to you. Thus, we enable you to keep your costs at a minimum level by controlling your printer fleet in the best way. 

Also, we speed up the communication between you and your service provider by making integration to technical support software for services with easy integration methods.

PFM Cloud and PFM Connect help you monitor your device fleet in the most accurate way.

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