PFM Cloud Release History

Learn about features and enhancements in new releases.

Release History

You can follow the process of updating / editing and adding new features to PFM Cloud and Agent development stage.

22/09/2022 - PFM Cloud (v8.1.0000)

Here are the latest updates for PFM Cloud and Connect


Güncelleme Detayı Türü
v8 support for server applications Major
Microsoft SQL database support Major
In-app plugins updated to latest version Major
Capture option from toner serial number for toner replacements Minor
A retrospective scanning & adding system has been developed for toner replacements. Algorithm adjustments were made for incorrect entries of some printer models. Major
Coverage report now reports on all toner changes of the devices instead of the last changes. Major
Added Menu Management. The user can now specify the menu content to be displayed according to the authorization group. Major
Active directory integration now accepts login via user-id. Minor
User can now specify file format along with fields to exclude in exported timed reports. Minor
The number of items to be listed per page in the reports in the interface can now be determined by the user. Minor
Added the ability to permanently delete retroactively offline devices from the system after a user-selected timeout. Minor
Order emails can now be sent by groups. Each consumable can be routed to individual groups. Major
Added a new report page with all the information about the devices. (General Device Report) Major
The date range filtering error on newly added devices in some reports has been fixed. Minor
From the device detail page, instant data updates can now be made for a single device. (Update Selected Device Information) Major
Added a new tool for bulk assignment of devices to groups. Minor
A new tool has been added to enter the model information of the devices. Minor
Added a new tool to manually delete passive & unused devices according to certain criteria. Minor
The Problems & Fixes report has been added, which includes various warnings for devices (rope change, counter drop, deleted device control, etc.). Major
In order to speed up the listing, the last counter and ip information of the devices are now cached from the device detail, not from the counter detail. Minor
The ability to list the historical day-to-day counter & consumable information of the device has been added to the Device Detail page, with filtering & export options. Major


14/04/2021 - PFM Cloud (v8.0.0000)

PFM Cloud Software Release History (14-04-2021)
- In addition to the device deletion feature being specific to the main account, the "Additional Device Deletion" accounts feature has been added.
- The "Returned" (returned to the warehouse) labeling feature has been added for the devices. Devices can now receive a "Returned" label either individually or by collective selection. The return status can be tracked on the device listing pages, exported reports and device detail page.
- For Agent setups; Logging infrastructure has been added for printers with unexpected changes, resets or drops in the counter. - This feature will be available for users to follow in future releases.
- "Device Based Contract Tracking" has been added. You can now track your devices by setting the contract start / end date individually or collectively by making a customer filter on a separate device listing page.
- Consumables "Coverage Report" was added for devices. This report will be available in future releases.
- The edits made while in the location list can now be viewed actively without refreshing the page.
- "Asset Tag" tag assignment has been added for devices. You can now enter "Asset Tag" for your devices from device listing pages or device details.
-Retrospective "Daily Toner Status" has been added for devices. From the device detail page, you can see the past 45-day toner status day by day.
- “Consumable Naming” feature has been added on device basis. You can now enter consumable names for your devices and display them with these names in reports.
- Toner replacement infrastructure has been updated. With retrospective scanning and more accurate toner replacement detection, you can view your changes and total counters at the time of change.
- The "Theme Color" field has been added to the counter section on the device detail page.
- In the machine location screen, the field for entering "Address" based on device has been added while assigning a single device location.
- Filter has been added to the list of deleted devices. Now deleted devices; You can filter by customer, mac address or device header.
- The Offline devices option has been added to the "Status" section in the "All Devices" list filter.
- "Show Passive Devices" option has been added to "Monthly Billing" report.
- Color tones indicating the counting status of the devices have been added to the "Monthly Billing" report. Devices with start and end counters in the selected month are green, other conditions are; shown in yellow, orange, and red.
- Extra fields have been added to the export of the "Monthly Billing" report. Model, cost center, count start and end dates are some of them.
- A3 * 2 features have been added to the filter on the "Device Counters" page.
- Displaying unreachable devices with watermarks on the "Device Counters" page has been removed. Instead, you will now receive smaller, click-to-view alerts under the "Notification" status.
- "Color / Mono Total" report is added. On this page, you can track the "Color" and "Mono" counts of your compatible printers, including all counters, under a single heading.
- The "Consumables Replacements" report infrastructure has been changed to be suitable for the new system and new fields have been added to the filter section.
- In the "Consumables Replacements" report, the consumable; output, entry percentages and at time of change - total counter fields are added.
- The last 10 consumable change fields shown on the "Summary Screen" have been updated to fit the new system.
- The "Cache" engine has been added. Reports that take time to prepare are now shown from the cache as long as there is no change. - All reports have been optimized in this process so that our users can use the system more comfortably.
- The "Prints by Model" report has been optimized to list results faster.
- The choice of minimum and maximum percentage range can now be adjusted by the user, affecting the listing results in the "Aggressive Changes" report.
- Consumables in the "Aggressive Changes" report output, entry percentages and total counter at time of change fields are added.
- "Early Released" and "Early Installed" warnings have been added to the "Aggressive Changes" report according to the input and output percentage values ​​entered in the settings.
- In the "Toner" and "Consumable" resources reports, the daily percentage used calculation minimum value is set to 1%. For devices with insufficient data or low usage, you will now receive a <1% warning instead of "Insufficient Data".
- "Extra Consumables" report has been added. You can now track up to 8 device-specific extra consumables for your supporting printers.
- Location address field has been added to the "Order Management" page.
- The "Print Label" feature has been added to the "Order Management" page for each order or in a batch.
- A special code field that can be entered by the user has been added to the "Order Management" page for toner and consumables. If the user enters from the "Consumables Codes" page, the consumables are displayed with these codes in the order list.
- "Yurtiçi Kargo" has been integrated into the "Order Management" page for cargo tracking. When the valid cargo information (code) is entered for the orders sent, you can follow the order via "Yurtiçi Kargo" by clicking on the cargo code from the order list.
- The remaining life calculation on the "Print Resources" page has been updated to predict with less data.
- The search box in the menu can now search by the device's title and mac address.
- "Shortcuts" feature has been added. You can now save your favorite reports as they appear under the "Shortcuts" menu next to your account name. You can quickly access here whenever you wish.
- "Aggressive (Consumable) Changes" are now sent as a notification to the relevant e-mail addresses when the necessary settings are made.
- Simple or predictable account passwords are now forced to be changed. If your account password is "12345678" or similar easily guessed password, now you need to update your password on the first login to use the system.
- The option to work with SNMPv3 added to the PFM Agent in recent releases can now be set and used via the PFM Cloud. You can enter your current SNMPv3 settings by adding or editing the agent installation.
- For "Agent Installations", "Installation Information" feature has been added. Now, if you are using the supporting PFM Agent version, you can view detailed information about the server / computer on which the PFM Agent is installed on the PFM Cloud.
- A setting has been added to the "Order Settings" section where you can disable automatic "Sent" orders.
- In the "Scheduled Notifications" list, main accounts can now see the account information that created the notification.
- "Dutch" language option has been added.
- The export feature has been added for the "Color / Mono Total" report.
- With the server density that occurs at certain times, users are now placed in order of use and kept waiting for a short time. 
- By default in the system; The optional consumables available as Fuser Kit, Waste Toner Box, Drum and Consumable1 can now be named as desired by the user based on the model.
- The account count section displayed on the "Summary Screen" has been optimized to count large accounts faster.
- Device specific address selection has been added to the "Device Location" section. Now the locations you choose will update the address field and you can customize this area.
- A phone number field has been added to the contact and demo request section so that we can reach you more easily.
- Export options; Json, Html and Sql file formats added.
- "Mono Total" and "Color Total" fields were added to the "Prints by Model" exported file.
- To the editor adding screen; Location filtering and "select all" features have been added.
- Widget section has been created and "Live Bug Tracking" has been added. This screen can be shared as embedded.
- Time zone zone has been added next to the system clock.
- "HTTP Agent" was added to collect data with HTTP protocol. A special counter information collection application is now used for HP models that show conflict over some SNMP.
- When "Monthly" is selected when scheduling a notification on "Scheduled Notifications", you can now select the day. For example;When you select "15", the system will take the counter difference with the 15th of the previous month and forward it to you when the 15th of each month comes.
- "Connection Test" has been added for the Agent setup file. You can use this feature to check whether the server or computer where the installation was made has full access to the PFM Cloud.
- Basic REST API commands are now available. You can contact us for detailed information and integration.

08/10/2018 - PFM Cloud (v7.0.0000)




  • Time Zone selection added / showing user's local time in System. New!
  • Agent discovery, scanning, and device access times in the system and scheduled notifications are organized to run according to local time. New!
  • Nickname (Account Display Name) option added for customer accounts. New!
  • Error notification has been taken to customer level. In this way, accounts can only receive incorrect device information from any customer. The client can be arranged from the contract section.
  • The option of repeating the same notification for the toner-out notification has been added until the toner is replaced. (Optional) New!
  • The “Theme Color” counter has been added to the Device Counters page for some HP models. New!
  • The cost-per-click calculation on the device detail page has been updated.
  • The toner levels in the device detail page have been updated as remaining / used for black and white devices.
  • The total count in consumable change was added to the field Change field on the device detail page. New!
  • A total count in the replacement was added to the Consumable Changes report. New!
  • Count and price calculations in cost reports were updated.
  • Device grouping / locating authorization problems have been fixed.
  • The Consumable Material Codes field has been added. Users can enter consumable material codes for use in order management according to device model.
  • Automatic location of the devices was re-arranged. The problem of ignoring manual assignments in automatic location has been corrected.
  • Hostname information for devices has been added. New!
  • To Increase the security, now we force users to use complex password. New!
  • Authorized and Address fields are added for locations. New!
  • Design-wide editing and visual changes
  • Receive export by e-mail option has been edited and re-enabled
  • Fixed calculation error in monthly invoicing
  • Added additional fields to monthly invoicing. New!
  • Table titles are fixed on top of the screen when scrolling on listed pages
  • JSON, SQL and XML formats added to export options. New!
  1. AGENT (New agent version)
  • Fixed the problem of elimination of defective ropes in the Discovery Rope Range Increment / Import File
  • Added SNMPv3 operation option. New!
  • Online / offline device information added in updates shown in transaction history
  • Counter Update function added for Agent installations. The user can use the counter update to make a snapshot when he wants it, just like the Start Discovery function.
  • The code used in an Agent installation cannot be installed on more than one computer. Due to the confusion in data traffic, only one code has been made available.
  • Version 2.0 and higher Agent installations can no longer be updated with new versions without the need for user operation.
  • Fixed issue with device status update.
  • The title, hostname, status and similar information of the devices are now being updated only with the discovery request.
  • Added detection of SNMPv3 version scan on devices and update device SNMP. New!


  • Developed notification infrastructure to e-mail to management to receive notifications
  • * Standing agents (not working for more than 3 days) notification
  • * Notifying client's administrator account for stopped agents


  • The editor system was changed to root editor.
  • Now you can have full authority on the account.
  • Authorization option has been added to Editor accounts. New!
  • Now editor accounts can be associated with customer accounts in the system.
  • Now, editor accounts can access only devices in selected locations with location restriction.
  • Now with group restrictions, editor accounts can only access devices in selected groups.
  • Now, the editor can change their passwords after logging in.


  • Monthly Rent Price field has been added to model pricing section.
  • Monthly Rental Price field is added to the device pricing section.
  • All price-calculated reports were arranged in accordance with the changes made in the pricing system.


  • Annual Print Report can now be filtered on device, location and group basis.
  • The Annual Print Report now works with the caching system and lists all results at once (without paging).
  • The Annual Print Report now exports results at once.


  • Location / Group Totals report added. With this report, users can view the counts by comparing devices to locations and groups. In order to use this report, the location and group assignments of the devices should be made.


  • Monthly billing report added. Users can calculate and print monthly print costs on device / location / group basis with this report. Contract, location, device or model prices should be entered in order to use this report. New!


  • Added the option to create an order manually. New!
  • For Orders; In the transaction, we've been checked out, delivered status options added. New!
  • Added label printing option for orders. New!
  • Added batch status / action option for orders New!

25/01/2018 - PFM Cloud (v5.0.0)

General System Updates
- Data listing engine updated and accelerated on all pages.
- Server capacity increased.
- Total / shared / physical device quota information added to the header part.
- Graphical changes made on account info and side menu.
- A3 single counter display error on the Device Counters (Color / Mono) page has been corrected. The error that the "List passive devices" option on the same page can not be disabled without resetting the filter has been fixed.
- Immediate error screen edits were made. No more faults are displayed in 1 day.
Agent & Agent Manager
- The agent manager and the data import engine have undergone deep root updates and the system has been accelerated. The problems that could be experienced in the transfer of the bureaucracy and the problems of slowing the system were removed.
- Agent setting file update frequency set. In case of editing, cache cleanup was added.
- Updates on infrastructure changes:
  - Device quota update system changed
  - Device data & IP history editing system changed
  - Updated data update system in the same day
  - Pricing controls changed
  - Added new system check for new (manually added) devices during counter update
  - Order entry system updated
  - Device model and device type update system changed
  - Automatic location updated
  - System error log entry system changed
  - Updated device deactivation system
- Order management has been added to the contract arrangement part. Now, for each customer, an automatic email reconciliation for consumable notifications can be made in their own contract, independent of order management.
Devices & Counters
- Added device alerts (Online / Offline / Incorrect) to the device counters page.
- The device counter page has been added to the device's last seen time. A visual warning has been added for devices that are older than 1 day.
- Last date of device / data update date added to device detail page.
- Device online / offline status updated (Devices that can no longer be reached are offline after 1 day)
Consumables Change and Reports
- Aggregation of aggressive exchanges and display infrastructure are regulated.
- Toner change infrastructure has been changed and total counters added at change
- Orders from the order management system has been dropped from the system. An order will no longer be removed from the list without toner replacement.
- Added a display of the last data prior to the change to the Replacements page. On the same page, the total counters in the exchange can be followed.
Scheduled Notifications
- Added "total" option to the notification time. The notifications thus generated can transmit the total device counters at the selected time each day.
Export / Export Data Transfer
- Data transfer and queuing are accelerated with root updates made on the export engine. Problems that occurred during exporting were solved.


06/11/2017 - PFM Cloud (v3.5.0)

Instant Error Screen
- Added special groups to the settings.
- Error list displays the latest error at the moment. You may expand the list by clicking on it.
Order Management
The management of daily toner and consumable orders can now be made through the "Order Management" page. From the left menu you can go to the page "Resource Management > Order Management" link. Order management differs for service provider and customer accounts. Features are briefly as follows;
- From the data provided daily, the toner and consumables are processed on the order screen according to the minimum values stated in the customer contract.
- When order settings are made, the notification time and the e-mail addresses to which the notification is sent can be entered. You may miss an order if the order management settings are not configured correctly. For this reason, make sure you set the minimum values in the contract, the notification time in the order settings and the scan times for your agent setup correctly.
- When the service provider logs in, they can see orders from their customer's devices that have reached the minimum values indicated in the contract.
- When client accounts are logged in, they can see their own devices.
- Along with the active percentage, the estimated end date of the toner is also indicated on this page.
- Orders can be canceled by removing the marks of the boxes in the lines, or can be activated again by ticking. Cancellation and activation can be done by both service providers and customers. This action is indicated in the relevant area. For example: "Service provider revocation"
- Active orders on this page will be sent to the specified e-mail addresses when the specified "notification time" arrives and removed from the list. Entries removed from the list will not come back until 2 days after toner replacement or order submission.
- In the "Customer Confirmation" section, customer accounts can "approve" to confirm that the consumable has reached its destination.
- You can perform various filtering operations and exporting on the order screen.
- Approved and submitted orders can be listed retroactively using the filter section.
General & Bug Fixes
- Fixed display errors in Toner change pages
- An option to download the transferred file has been added to the Agent installations created by transferring the bones.
- Added option to "Repeat notifications for same device" in the order manager (contract) section.
- Missing information error has been corrected in outline on Duplex and Color / Mono pages.
- Counter details> Device status added to device counters page.
- Incorrect headlines have been edited on the Aggressive Changes page.
- The Export Changes report adds sorting by export and by date.
- When you filter according to the customer in the "Fees by Company" report, you will now be charged for the devices of that customer.
- The last 5 error messages have been added to the device detail page for faulty devices.
- The "Last seen" date of the related device has been added to the device detail page.
- PFM Agent & Agent manager updates were made.
- Placement arrangements were made for the agent manager.


14/08/2017 - PFM Cloud (v2.8.0)

General & Bug Fix

- Visualizations were made on the system to increase functionality.

- The password change error that occurred in sub accounts due to a mistake is fixed.

- Some device listing pages have been updated so that devices with ip changes appear more than once error is fixed.

- The fact that some information and details can not be displayed on the devices performing the displacement has been corrected.

- At the time of adding the agent, the import file is made easier to accept. In some cases the file could not be added if the ip addresses in the file contents could not be checked, but invalid entries are now ignored.

- Fixed a problem that hits the export queue.


Agent & Agent Handler

- Agent processor enhancements were made. The tail system was developed and accelerated. Now, the scan and discovery results are processed faster and transferred to the cloud system.

- Now, at the time of counter notification, the device's ip / serial number changes are watched.

- Priority was given to toner serial numbers when detecting toner replacement. When the toner of the serial number is controlled to change according to this number, the toner and consumables without serial number are inserted into the change according to the old method.

- Aggressive toner changes have been timed out. The replacement of the next toner or consumable item is ignored for a device that has not been operating for 1 week or receiving data anymore.

05/06/2017 - PFM Cloud (v2.5.0)

General Updates

- Added user info to the left menu bar.

- Added device model info to the all devices and reports pages.

- Client requests filter updated.


Costs and Requests

- Added stock info to the cost items.

- Approved requests will now reduce stock number of the cost item.


Advanced Reports

- Live error screen added.

- Exact device report added.


Error / Notification Reports

- Added error reporting and notification alerts to the top menu. The faults that will arise in the related situations are as follows:

  1. Expiration of stock items costing.
  2. Information for faulty devices on your network.
  3. Notification for offline devices on your network.
  4. Notify those who are not working from PFM Agent installations on your network.
  5. Decreasing device quota information.
  6. Informing customer contracts that are about to expire.
  7. End of license notification for master accounts.
  8. Reduced toner information.
  9. Decreasing consumables information.

21/04/2017 - PFM Cloud (v2.1.10)

Special Groups Added. Devices in the system can now be assigned to groups. As a result of these assignments, you can customize and filter reports according to specific groups you receive on the system. Each custom group can be added to a client account and multiple private group assignments can be made to a machine.

Counter History Editing

  • In the case of IP exchange, you can now view the last counters before exchange, by device.
  • When there is a change in the consumables, you can now view the last counters before changeover on a device basis.
  • Counter decrement or reset notification. PFM Cloud does not recommend dropping or resetting your reports so that you can view your reports properly. However, in order to be notified of dropped counters in your cloud account, devices with dropping counters will be shown on the Counter Details page with the warning 'Decrement counter exists'. You can also view the last meter information before this decrease using the same link.
Daily Consumables Usage report was created. On a device basis, a report showing the use of average daily consumables and toner was generated. If you have at least 30 days of data available for your devices, it is possible to follow the average usage values from this report.
Location Restriction feature added for client accounts. Service provider accounts can make this restriction so that the customer can only see devices in a single location.

General Fixes

  • All paging device serial numbers in the system, including the machine list, have been added.
  • The green profile was added to the summary screen of the counter details.
  • Nickname added for agent installations. You can use this feature in order to be distinguished when a customer installs more than one agent.
  • Ability to be viewable for device capacities has been added. Master accounts can arrange this setting.
  • Settings and Options section added. Some layout and display settings for master accounts can now be activated or deactivated. With this page added to the menu, more settings and options will be included in the system in later versions.

18/04/2017 - PFM Agent (

The consumable serial numbers have been updated. The serial numbers of the consumables together with the data received from the devices will also start to be transmitted to your PFM Cloud account shortly.
Error collection is enabled. Device error conditions can now be collected by the Agent application. Later on you will be able to view and use the device error reports page in the upcoming update of PFM Cloud. In addition, instant notifications for error reports will be possible.
Request for discovery has been redesigned for processing time.
After requesting discovery, automatic meter and toner information update was added.
Custom proxy editing was added.

28/03/2017 - PFM Cloud (v1.8.0000)

PFM Agent & Agent Handler

All agent installations in the system will now send an automatic discovery command at least once a day. With this feature, it is aimed to automatically add new PFM Cloud accounts to your network without adding any new machines.

General Fixes and Updates

QR code generation for devices was done. Our users will be able to do the related operations by reading the QR codes to be used with PFM Cloud mobile applications, which will be completed soon, through the physical devices. Detailed information on this subject will be made when mobile applications are published.

PDF export has been removed this feature is planned to be reactivated in next versions. CSV file export has been added in place of this export type.

Work on home content and made arrangements.

Contact page design edited.

User interface-oriented functional arrangements were made on the page.

The purchase form was arranged.
The pages titled "Reduced Toner" and "Reduced Consumption Material" in the system were removed from the heading of reports. You can view reports that provide more detailed results from these pages on the "Print Resources" page.

Model and location pricing activated again. With these features, you can make pricing according to customer's device model or location name.

The date selection box is now updated according to the selected user language.

Some minor design mistakes have been fixed.

Added warnings for sections that have not yet been translated.

In the translation system, the error of correcting the missing parts of other languages other than English on condition that they are in English has been corrected.

Financial Reports

Report pages for financial outcomes and related pages were created.

  • Product / service statement products and services based on the outputs you create.
  • Customer excel report displays customer exits.
  • The machine excel report displays output from the connected devices to the customer.
  • On the general statement page, monthly figures on the customer basis can be displayed and used for invoicing.
You can download it as a PDF invoice based on the end product and service exits created using the general statement report.
Financial reports can be exported and filtered.
A summary screen has been added that provides small statistics on financial reports.

28/02/2017 - PFM Cloud (v1.5.0000)

Costs Items The first version of the financial infrastructure and feature study was added to the system. From now on, users can create financial items, associate them completely and record their financial output and make billings. In future versions, the billing feature is being developed and integration with various billing systems is planned.

Adding Costs Item

  • With this feature, you can add financial items that you can use while adding an export.
  • You can add financial items.
  • You can create special groups and associate financial exports with them.

Creating Financial Export

  • You can save an export to any device or customer.
  • You can add multiple financial items to the exports.
  • You can perform overall displays and export operations.

Request System added. A demand system was established between customers and service providers. Customer accounts will now be able to request products or services from their affiliate service provider accounts. Service providers can view, approve or reject these requests, and can also approve and record them as financial outputs.

General fixes and small bug fixes has been made.

Login redirection has been added. User now will be redirected to the target (referral) page after login.

Filter Operations has been made. Only the end date can be added to the filtering feature on the Device Counters page. Thus, our users can select an end date and get the total timers only on the specified date instead of the difference between the two dates.

Passive device counters now reportable. With this feature added to the Device Meters page, the counters of passive devices can also be displayed.

08/02/2017 - PFM Cloud (v1.3.0000)

Billing & PDF downloading function fixed.

Language updates on home page and user panel.

Multilingual changes on home, help and static pages. Content on the front site is now can be viewed in both English and Turkish.

Design and functional changes on subscription form.

Mini bug-fixes and system restoration / acceleration changes.

Import system substructure finished. Importing system is now live. Our users will now be able to import data to their account on available pages. Currently, importing function is available on Locations part. Upcoming updates will make more pages available for data import.

30/01/2017 - PFM Cloud (v1.2.4000)

30/01/2017 - PFM Cloud (v1.2.4000)
- Version history page added. A version history page was created to notify PFM Cloud and Agent updates and enhancements.
- The French language translation has been updated. French translation is completed by 98%.
- Minor bug fixes
   - The start and end values in the filter fields were corrected when the digits were entered incorrectly.
   - Small edits on language files.
   - Headers in device meter export report have been fixed.
   - Display of empty toner area in reports with Low Toner Devices report fixed.
   - Improved Agent report processing kernel / minor error handling.
   - Fixed issue of autocomplete ending interval in Agent IP entry field.
   - Forms autocomplete turned off for home page.
   - Incorrect location indication on device detail page corrected.
   - Dropping devices to offline location reduced quarter-day access. Now, devices are taken offline in the long-term loss of 1/4 day.
   - Special warning notes have been added to several of the system.
   - Minor error corrections were made on the Toner Resources and Print Resources pages.
   - Added alert descriptions to report page for error codes 4, 5, and 6.
- Device Meters (Duplex) report added. Double-sided printing counters can be followed for these demonstration devices.
- A date filter has been added for the Counter Details summary screen. If you want to see the data on the summary screen with a specific date range, you can use this date by selecting the start and end dates from the newly added date filter.
- In the Aggressive Replacement report, device serial number display was added.
- Visual adjustments were made to device counters and equivalent pages with zero or no value.
- Payment integration to the user panel was established. Our users can now increase the quota and license duration through the panel.
- Added auto refresh for Agent transaction history page.
- Contract pages were edited. In customer contracts, the contract period is now automatically determined according to the start and end dates. The contract invoicing period has been arranged as a box on a monthly basis.