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Time to meet an On-Premise Software Solution - PFM Connect – an excellent tool to manage your
printer fleet.
We discussed the importance of printer fleet management software for managing printer fleet in our previous article. Click here to see the previous article

Some establishments and companies desire to manage their printer inventory via software, however, there have some doubts as to working with a cloud system. These doubts as regards the confidentiality of data are mostly groundless, however, to overcome such doubts of printer fleet owners is the duty of software producers like us.

Full Confidentiality and Privacy by a Local Network Printer Fleet Management, Solution:
PFM Connect.
Question: We would like to find a solution which will make our printer fleet operate in local
network despite all the guarantees you provide as to cloud management systems. Do you have a
solution for this request?
Answer: We certainly have. “Yes Bilişim” developed a special local network software for all
clients thereof in the world. The name of our solution is PFM Connect.
Usually, organizations choose to desire to manage their printer inventory through their local
network. Some of them can be listed as follows:
Police Departments,
Military Institutions,
Intelligence Services,
Financial Institutions,
Government agencies,
Companies with restricted information systems through laws or internal regulations
Full reliability and confidentiality are now very easy thanks to PFM Connect: 
Details: You can manage your printer fleet completely without being connected to any external
server and installing it to your local network thanks to PFM Connect. You can receive all the data
in your servers and they are entirely in your control.
PFM Connect, in addition to furnishing all the services provided through PFM Cloud, also
ensures full integration with your users by using ActiveDirectory. You can integrate your
authorization and logs thanks to ActiveDirectory. Support for numerous languages is hosted
within PFM Connect, and if you want to add your local language, you only need to request it. Web
interface and easy-to-use are the essential features of PFM Connect just as they are the essential
features of PFM Cloud. You can easily manage your printer park thanks to PFM Connect with
easy installation and quick technical support. Connect with us.
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